6 journalists arrested from newspaper office in Hong Kong


Police have arrested six journalists from a newspaper office in Hong Kong. They were arrested on charges of conspiracy to publish seditious news. Some former and current employees of Stand News are known to be their main targets. Meanwhile, more than two hundred policemen have been deployed at the newspaper office for search. This information was given in a report of BBC on Wednesday (December 29). Police said in a statement that they had received permission to search and seize materials related to journalism.

Among those arrested are current and former editors-in-chief of Stand News. Dennis Hoque, a pop star and icon of democracy, has also been arrested. Who was a former board member. Dennis Ho confirmed in a Facebook post that he had been arrested on the same charges and taken to West Police Station. Among those arrested were three men and three women. Those aged 34 to 63 years.

Former editor-in-chief Chung Pui-quen, acting editor-in-chief Patrick Lam, former director Dennis Ho, Margaret Ng, Christine Fang and Chou Tat-chi have been arrested. On June 30, the Chinese parliament passed the controversial Hong Kong Security Act. This has further increased Beijing’s influence in the semi-autonomous region. Critics say it could jeopardize Hong Kong’s civil and political independence.

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